6 reasons why JavaScript is the best – for web developers.

Hello guys, welcome back. 6 reasons why JavaScript is the best – for web developers. Will be all around the advantage of JS. We will see how important is JavaScript when it comes to web development. This article will try to convince you to use JS. Also, we will be answering some of your questions.

Why we need to learn javaScript, why we use javascript, and what are the advantages of JavaScript. So will be discussing all these things in this article dedicated to JavaScript.

6 reasons why JavaScript is the best – 6 reasons why JavaScript is the best - for web developers.for web developers.6 reasons why JavaScript is the best - for web developers.

Why we need to learn JavaScript.

When we talk about a website the first impression comes into our mind is website design. So we can use JavaScript to make webpages alive, we can make some interaction with the users through this language. Like with some pop-up messages and notifications as we have noticed more interaction.

Whenever you open some websites you will get some notification window and pop-up messages. All those things can be done using JavaScript.

Advantage data processing?

JavaScript can be used for client-side processing of data and text. An example of data processing and text processing can be a calculator website. For running such a web, we need to run some logic and get an output from that, all these things can be done on the client-side in the browser with the help of JavaScript.

So there is no need to hit the server and get the result from the server all this can be efficiently done with JavaScript.

Error handling in JavaScript.

Whenever there is an error in our application, we can handle that at the run time and give the right message to the user with the help of JavaScript. This could be the main advantage.

Greater performance

The features like form validation and field validation and things like those regular expressions, we can use some kind of client-side validation with the help of JavaScript. Since using JavaScript we are making less server interaction. So whenever we are doing error handling, data processing and validation there is no need to do this in the servers. So the performance is ultimately increased.

Less server interaction comes to the point, whenever we are dealing with JavaScript. So this is the biggest advantage of using JavaScript.

Integration with HTML and CSS.

JavaScript can be fully integrated with HTML and CSS. So we can change any HTML element like hiding, delay, and insert modification with the help of JavaScript.

Easy to learn

Guys this language is so easy to learn and also it is too easy to develop. With a background in Java or C++, you can learn JavaScript in no time. Moreover, after mastering JavaScript you can learn any modern technologies like angular react, node JS they are totally based on JavaScript.

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