5 reasons why Java is the best programming language.

Welcome back again, article 5 reasons why Java is the best programming language. will be all around java. We will be answering why to learn java programming, some importance of java programming language, and what java can do. Many people think that java is an outdated language. We will be solving all your dought on the java programming language.

Additionally, we will also compare Java with other programming languages. And if you searching for some free resources for learning, then you are on the right website. So with this let’s begin.

5 reasons why Java is the best programming language.

1.Importance of java programming in language industries.

Java is the most trusted and most used language in industries. In almost every interview you will be asked some java based questions. Since most IT industries use java there is a huge demand for java developers. Java is one of the oldest objects oriented programming language, this makes java the most trusted language.

The companies like Google, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber are all building over java language. If you wanted to to get into IT industries then you should consider java as your placement tool.

2.what java can do?

Java is widely used in android app development, desktop app development, and enterprise applications. All most every app in the play store is written in java. There are many libraries that make android development easy using java. Since android was launched, android apps are made using Java. Even though Google had launched Kotlin, still most prefer java as primary language for android apps.

Java is also used in desktop development and it is also considered best for server-side applications. In fact, java is also used in big data. Java will always be the first preference of most people.

3.Java is portable and it supports cross platforms.

Java was the first to come with, write once, and run anywhere concept. Earlier people have to customize the code when it comes to run on other platforms. Java brought the concept, and now almost every single programming language follows this. Since java is platform-independent, it does not compromise with security.

Any machine which has a java environment install can run java code. If you are searching for the best website to learn java you can check 10 Free and paid online coding courses.

4.Some extra points

Many people consider java as a slow programming language. But this is a misconception, all though java is a little slow as compared to C and C++. But the on-time compilation of java is considerably faster when it comes to newer programming languages. Java is also secure and it is best for multithreading.

The object oriented programming in java can give you exact feel of OOP. Learning java at initial stage is little tough, but after learning java you can learn any language with in short time.

5.Java vs Python

Python is considered the easiest language to learn on the planet, whereas java is a little complex to learn. But people not talk about the performance of language. Although java is complex it faster than any other language except c++ and c.

Java is considered the best language when it comes to Competitive programming. On talking with interview and placement point of view, java is the always recommend over python.

Sources for learning java.

There are many sources, but for Indians, I will recommend Java + DS + Algo course, which is the best-rated java course in Hindi. If you are a native English speaker, or you wanted to learn in English then go with the Neso Academy playlist. Remember to make notes while learning java, since java has many concepts. If you make notes of every concept, you can master Java within a short period of time.

Hope you like a short and non-technical article on java. If you like 5 reasons why Java is the best programming language., then make sure you share it with all java lovers. If you have any suggestions make sure you comment from the comment sections. Thank you.

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