5 reasons why C++ is best programming language.

5 reasons why C++ is best programming language. hello everyone I hope you are safe and doing great. In this article, we will be talking about What are the benefits of c++, why I prefer c++ over other coding languages, especially for competitive coding and coding interviews.

We will be deep-diving into c++ language. Also, we’ll also compare other competitive programming languages like java and python. Moreover, in the end, we will also share some free and paid resources to learn c++. So let’s begin.

5 reasons why C++ is best

1.Why I love C++?

Since it was my first programming language so I have a special attachment to it. But there are some reasons why most people code in c++, few are like it’s very fast than any other programming language. It has good community support and has great documentation. Also, it supports object-oriented programming. All these things contribute a lot to the value of c++.

2.Advantages of c++

Every developer knows about c plus. So if you go to an interview you will find that 99 percent of the developers know about it. So it’s a really great advantage that you have learned this language. Moreover, if you want to implement a custom data structure for solving a particular problem you can do it very easily in c++. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to implement your own data structure.

C++ has pointers. So pointers are like a double-edged sword. Working with pointers helps use all data just like graphs, trees, and linked lists very easily. So if you have the proper knowledge. C ++ has one of the fastest compile times speeds ever so that’s the biggest advantage that I feel.

3.Competitive coding and C++

when it comes to competitive coding. C++ has a small advantage that makes a big difference in writing coordination. Since it has a fast compile-time, timeout error can be rarely seen. With online IDEs, you don’t get the advantage of auto-completion. Because C++ syntax is very easy to remember there are very few chances for syntax errors.

For a free book on competitive coding other stuff related to CP, you can check How to do competitive programming. CP Guide and free book.

4.C++ in interviews

It’s the kind of language that you can write literally on pen and paper the thing about interviews is that every time you will not get an IDE for writing code. Sometimes you have to do it maybe on a pen and paper or have to write the code in a shared google document.

So when you don’t have the help of auto-completion. At that time the value of c ++ really gross because its syntax is very easy to understand. It’s very easy to remember and easy to write. There are few libraries like sets maps and the sorting functionality makes problems very very easy.

5.C++ vs Java vs python

Let’s compare with other programming languages, but practically it is not possible because there are 700 ++ coding languages. So for the time being, I’ll compare c ++ with python and java let’s begin with python.

The thing about python is it’s very good it’s really damn good but the problems with python are

  • Python has a lot of versions a lot of interpreters.
    • let’s say I code something I use a particular functionality on my pc but it happens sometimes that if I go to an online IDE that particular functionality won’t be available.
  • Python is relatively slow.
  • The syntax is easy but sometimes it is very much tricky.

These are some issues with python. On coming to java, it is also a really good language like I currently code java. But when it comes to the coding rounds java has some issues like

  • java is fully an object-oriented programming language.
  • Its syntax is very lengthy
    • So java is a very verbose language. So it’s a kind of a language that you code in an ide. It will be difficult to code on pen and paper. So from an interview perspective, java is not the preferred language.
  • Debugging in java is sometimes a tedious task.

So yeah that’s why I prefer c ++ over java and python. These are all my personal opinions. So don’t be offended, this message specifically to the core java and python guys I’m sorry.

Where to learn C++

Coming to resources, basically there are two Youtube channels

  1. thenewboston
  2. Caleb Curry playlist for c++

Mostly, I learned basic stuff from a youtube channel in Boston. Another free source is greek for greeks and c++.com. These were some really great resources from where I had learned. If you like books. I would recommend doing the first ten chapters of C++ Primer Plus.

Lastly, I would say that everyone has their preferences some people are comfortable with java and some people are comfortable with python. It’s their choice to do what you love. If you like 5 reasons why C++ is best programming language. then share this with all c++ lovers. And also make sure to comment your questions below. Thank you.

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