5 Proven secrets to get a job at Microsoft

5 Proven secrets to get a job at Microsoft: We have lots of secrets tips and tricks which are suggested directly by Microsoft employees. Many Microsoft employees are connected to us!. And hence they share with us such secrets. Moreover, getting a job at companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. Is all about the right knowledge and information.

So stay content with us, we guarantee you the fully authentic and best information. Additionally, one thing I wanted to suggest to you. Don’t just read these articles, make sure you implement it in your life. Nothing will change unless and until you take action. Sometimes it may cost you a few dollars. Take some risk and invest.

The techniques given in this article are according to our research and personal experiences. So with no further due let’s get started.

5 Proven secrets to get a job at Microsoft.


The most important and most said word by Microsoft employees. Almost every employee to whom we had talked suggest doing the project. A project is something that the requiter sees. In fact, projects are the only things that can showcase your experiences. And since Microsoft, requires skilled works. The project is the only way of showcasing your skills to others.

So try keeping at least 30-40 projects in your resume and in Linkedin profile. Keep broad variety like android, web, cloud, Linux. As an undergraduate student don’t directly jump onto Machine learning and AI like things.


Our team always says, do an internship. The internship will make a direct path to these companies. Through internships, you get actual and permanent connections. This connects, in turn, will recommend you to these companies. Moreover, you will also get experience in some real-life industry problems.

You will get knowledge of the industry and the problems which industries face. One thing employee of Microsoft said that is “to get a job at Microsoft you must first know everything about Microsoft“.

Compitetive Programming

Do you have good knowledge of programming language, if you answer is yes? Then go and check your skills at websites like Hackerranker. Go and try some complex problems you will know where your skills rank. If you are not able to solve questions, then don’t worry. This had happened to many people. And from now commit to spending at least 1 hour in solving some problems.

Moreover, many times companies like Microsoft, Google will directly select candidates from such websites. Through these websites, Microsoft can find you in the crowd of people.

Get to foreign Universities.

Students of universities from the USA and Europe have a higher chance of getting jobs at these Microsoft-like companies. In fact, most working employees have said that. Microsoft gives more salary and importance to the universities which are native to America and Europe.

So get your degree from the colleges of western countries. Additionally, One most important thing I wanted to tell you, that is. If you wanted a job inside India and Asian countries then focus more on competitive programming. But if you wanted to get jobs in the western countries, focus more on Development(projects) and internships.

Some certifications

You must have some industrial certification either from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. But to get into Microsoft you must train your selves in Microsoft technologies like Azure, MTA, Operating system, etc. These certifications are not only valued in Microsoft but also it has equal value in companies like Amazon and Google.

If you have this kind of certification with you, no one in the IT industry will refuse to give you a job. Moreover, the students with these certifications gets can get internships very easily. So go and get your first certification now.

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