5 must-have apps best for software developers

5 must-have apps best for software developers: Coding is the most trending culture of this century. Almost millions of apps, websites are published daily. Along with this, the number of programmers is also increasing day by day. So to stay updated in the rapid changing world, software engineers should have some apps

The lists of apps will be for anyone who is programming something. Either beginner or advance. Moreover, if a beginner developer uses these kinds of app, he/she can achieve greater knowledge in less time.

5 must-have apps best for software developers


Where do you keep your notes, how do you schedule a time for your projects. Most importantly where you save your important screenshots or any important documents. To keep your file safe and organized you must use Evernote. Additionally, the big advantage of using Evernote is you can schedule your projects. So that your projects get completed on time.

Furthermore, if any idea popped in your mind regarding the project. You can directly take a note of it. In general, Evernote will keep your workflow organized. Evernote can be used in mobile or web. If you don’t want to get messed up while coding(in coding many people gets messed up). Then go and download the app now from here.

Why Evernote is at first place in the list of 5 must-have apps best for software developers
  • Workflow organization is a must for coders.
  • On the go, ideas can be noted and saved.
  • Can schedule your project dates.


Pinterest is used by many Android and web developers. Do you know why? Software developers use it to generate an idea or a design. Since designing is a crucial part of software development. And also the role fo software developers are writing code, testing, and designing. User interface design UI is the first thing that a user sees. So to get inspiration on designs, developers use Pinterest.

If you are new to development, and if you don’t know how to design apps or web. Then the Pinterest app can solve your problems. In fact, many developers use Pinterest for getting ideas on design. You can download the app from here.

Why Pinterest is in second place in the list of 5 must-have apps best for software developers
  • Widely used by android and web developers.
  • Contains millions of design and downloadable samples.


Even though if you don’t want to work as a freelancer, you should keep this app. Developers uses freelancer to get ideas. Software developers are always in search of ideas. As daily thousands of projects are posted on freelancer.com. So on top of these ideas by freelancer.com, developers develop apps or web applications.

Moreover, if you wanted to generate some extra income you can use this app. Also by doing projects on freelancing websites can sharpen your skills. To download the app press here.

Why Freelancer is in third place in the list of 5 must-have apps best for software developers
  • Unlimited project ideas
  • Useful for generating extra income.
  • Fresher developer can also earn money.


While coding do you got stuck anywhere, how do you find the solution? Most people use stack or greeks. But sadly there is no StackOverflow app on the play store. To get a solution on your mobile you can use Reddit. In fact, millions of developers use Reddit.

On the go, you can share any solution, can ask questions, or can get a solution on your mobile. You can create your own channel and can share your question and solution. Reddit user has a higher chance of getting notified by companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

Why Freelancer is in fourth place in the list of 5 must-have apps best for software developers
  • As there is websites like stack, Reddit has not gained market.
  • Big brands can notice you.
  • Solution on the go.
  • People also shares hilarious mems on programming culture.


Market place for learning anything. Udemy has one of the largest course directories. There are many free as well as paid courses. The paid courses are priced very low as compare to other online platforms. If you wanted to learn any technology, where do you go? Either on Youtube.com or on the web right. But there are some disadvantages to using Youtube videos.

As on Youtube, anybody can post anything, the tutorial quality is very cheap. Moreover, on Youtube, many people share fake information. So using the Udemy app you can get premium content at the screen of your phone. You can learn anything on the go. Download the app from here.

Why Udemy is in fifth place in the list of 5 must-have apps best for software developers
  • Best and premium quality courses.
  • Can learn on the go, at any time and any where.
  • Also contains free courses.
  • Paid courses can be brought at the price of your meal.

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