5 important reasons to learn to code, it can change your life.

  • 5 important reasons to learn to code
  • 1 Coding can make you milliner.
  • 2 Work any were
  • 3 Earn more by spending less time.
  • 4 Don’t have to run behind the job
  • 5. Can work at Google-like companies.

Learning the art of coding is not a simple task. A person with full dedication sometimes takes years and years just to learn to code. Many people say it is difficult. Coding requires a lot of consistency and effort. Along with the most important factor called patience. If coding is a headache then why many people wanted to learn to code.

Although coding is difficult there are few reasons, which make people learn to code. Let me tell you a few names like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, etc they all were doing coding at one time. Now you might have got some idea why to learn to code but wait there are other reasons too.

5 important reasons to learn to code

1. Coding can make you milliner.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg you might have heard these names. They all were coders of old time. Elon Musk developed Paypal, Jeff Bezos developed Amazon and Mark developed Facebook.

The art of developing something for the betterment of human life is also coding. With the means of coding, you can create your virtual world into reality. With coding, you can create whatever you have on your mind, without spending much. This is the reason why most people are wanting to learn to code. So if you eagerly want to learn to code, you can choose Udemy.Com

2 Work any were

As per Google’s survey, around 70% of people don’t like their 9 to 5 jobs. People with jobs have no time for personal interests. People don’t get time for holidays, family and for friends. Along with boss pressure and company pressure, an employee of corporate spends his 40 years of life. Just for a few thousands of dollars.

Do you desire such a life? If not then you must learn to code. With coding, you can work anywhere you want. Can choose the work you like. And most amazing you can work whenever you want. This is coding, learning the art of programming something can make your life heaven.

3. Earn more by spending few time.

Have you ever worked in any software corporate? Do you know what exactly software companies do? They have a lot of employees working on a single project.

Brilliant and experienced coders are taken away by companies like Amazon, Google, etc. So this small corporate is left with unskilled coders. Even though they are unskilled their minimum salary is around $61,270. In a normal size company, around 20-30 employees work together. So guess, what will be the actual price of a project.

So a skilled coder working alone can get 100x more than a corporate employee. You can hire people to work for you. And hence a person with the art of coding can make more money in a few hours.

4. Don’t have to run behind job

Just think, you had completed your schooling your graduation and even post-graduation. For what, Just to get a job. You had spent almost 20% of your life so that you can work for someone. Is it worth it, to waste 20% of your life for another person? This is the world of corporate. If you are not capable of creating jobs then you have to work for somebody.

Moreover, getting a desired job is not an easy task. I have found many people who were applying for jobs for more than one year. Even if you get a job then it will be not always like working on Google. So take steps to learn to code.

5. Can work at Google-like companies.

Jobs will take away all the happiness of your life. It can ruin your 40 years. With less salary, what you can do? Nothing. No foreign trips, no tours, etc. But think if you get into Google, all the situations will be different. The work culture is different in google like MNCs. These types of brands focus on the employees. If you got a job at Google, then you will never ever fail to leave the job. To read a dedicated article on Google job, Click here.
So learning the art of coding can lead you to a friendly work culture like Google.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that you are not alone, don’t get demotivated. Your life is in your hands. If you like jobs no problem. It only depends on you, how to take a particular situation. So enjoy whatever you do.

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