5 common mistakes that every beginner programmer should avoid.

5 common mistakes that every beginner programmer should avoid. If you are a beginner and if you feel that programming is not for me then this article is for you. In this article, we will be talking about the most common mistake that a beginner coder makes while learning to code. Coding at the initial stage can be head ach for many people. The way to take coding will decide your feature in coding.

If you follow the terms listed in the article, your coding journey will be as smooth as a butter. You will in joy coding and also you will become a professional coder within a few months. With this let’s get started.

5 common mistakes that every beginner programmer should avoid.

1.Giving up too early.

Coding requires a lot of patience and determination at the initial stage. As a beginner programmer, I used to hate programming language. If you are learning coding without any physical coaching then at some point in life you will feel to give up. These thinks are most common in the beginner level programmers.

To overcome this, I suggest you blindly do coding for at least 4 months. With your preferred online course. Follow the instructions of the course and you will see the results. As a beginner starts with codeacdemy.com, they are highly recommended for beginners. For the Codecademy course click here.

2. Not making notes

Notes are an important factor while learning anything, whether it is coding on any other field of study. As a beginner, you should make notes of whatever new you encounter. While shifting from courses to courses these notes will help you in connecting things. And with time these notes will become advance as your skill grows.

Notes will also help you in competitive programming. It will make you learn and remember more in a short time. So start making notes of whatever new you learn. For making notes I recommend you to use Evernote. It is better to use an online note keeper over an offline one.

3. Learning without practicing.

Coding is all about problem-solving. Remember you can never become a coder without practicing. While practicing questions you will encounter some problems. After solving such problems on daily basis you will become a skilled developer or coder.

For coding practice we have a dedicated article, you can read it from here. Remember as a beginner starts with some easy level or basic problems. If you start with a complex question, surely you will leave coding within a month. So start with basic and increase the level every week. Meanwhile, make sure you keep making notes.

4. Not using IDEs

IDEs are something that can make your coding journey easy. As a beginner, it is difficult to remember the syntax. With the power of a code editor, you can write code without any silly syntax error. Moreover, the features like debugger, auto-completion, compiler, code suggestion can make your life easy.

The most used IDEs are IntelliJ and Net beans. They have almost the same features. I prefer IntelliJ IDE over other IDEs.

5. Monkey mind

As a coder, you have to be calm. I have found people starting with a number of books and courses. But the end result is nothing. So if you are a beginner chooses a best seller course online or choose a best seller book online. And the most important choose only a single programming language. Stick only to beginner-level courses, books, and language.

Practicing with only a single option is the key to learn to code fast. So I recommend you to choose java because it is the most demanding language. And for courses chose either Codecademy or Udemy both are great. For the book in java, I recommend Head First Java: A Brain-Friendly Guide. This book is highly recommended for beginners by professional coders.

Conclusion: Hope you like our article on 5 common mistakes that every beginner programmer should avoid. Remember just keep patient you will become a master coder in a few months. With this make sure you share and comment. Your comment will help us improve your experience so comment now.

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  • December 13, 2020 at 11:38 pm

    I get the feeling that you’re trying to be uncontroversial with this content, but please know that the unpopular musings can promote good debate when argued with respect..and it is your page so let your “take” be King here!


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