10 Best free data science online courses.

10 Best free data science online courses. In this blog, basically, we will be recommending some of the top courses in data science. From where you can learn data science easily and hopefully you will learn from these courses.


where you have various universities from where you can learn data science. Additionally, there is some real-life projects associate with the course.

Python for everybody.

This is the most efficient course that I found to get started with python. To get started with data science and I would recommend the people who do Coursera courses. The course is the best course on python. LINK: Applied Data Science | Coursera

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

I have done this course personally, and this is one of the most beautiful courses that everyone should enroll in. The reason is they have excellent work architecture regarding the beginners and regarding the certificate courses. It has completely created an environment and it’s completely a data visualization course. So basically it focuses on data visualization fundamentals. After that, you can easily move to data science analyst. LINK: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate | Coursera

IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Data analytics and measures visual analytics is one of the best courses. If you want to get into a cloud architect like Google cloud platform you need to integrate a machine learning algorithm. You can easily take up this course and it would clearly serve as a source for the analytics part. LINK: IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate | Coursera


This is where you need to pay for some courses, most of the courses are free but some are paid too. There are almost more than 2500+ courses regarding all domains. The domains include business analytics, humanities engineering, language, and goal data science. In data science section it is further divided into artificial intelligence, it has a separate course applied AI foundation. So I would say edx contains a variety of courses.

There are some brilliant courses in cloud computing, this is the most industry revolution concept that currently everyone is following. So below are some of the links to courses that are important to learn as a data scientist.


It is the best platform when it comes to value for money. It has many bestsellers and best courses in various domains. So for data science, I will suggest

The Data Science Course 2020: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

Although it’s a paid course due to ongoing discounts, the course is offered at a very cheap price. So the course has 23 + hours of video content, 90 articles, and 154 full-time resources downloadable. This course mainly focuses on the deep learning machine learning part. Along with that various algorithms have been covered. It also contains the mathematical part also statistical modeling probability and introduction to the python part.

There is also some kind of bonus lectures, in many projects. There are additional videos on Tensorflow that is about the object detection algorithms. All you need is a stable internet connection. This is one of the courses that, I had already done in Udemy. LINK:https://www.udemy.com/share/101W9cB0oeeFlaTXo=/

Complete 2020 Data Science & Machine Learning Bootcamp

This course is most recommend in my community. It is taught by Dr angela, so this is also a very good course. It is completely divisible in the spam of machine learning because it has various algorithms and various kinds of innovations done. It has some real-life projects. So basically you can indulge yourself in these courses. LINK: https://www.udemy.com/share/101W9cB0oeeFlaTXo=/

Simply learn

Simply learn has some training programs and also they provide free internships. They have some courses like digital marketing specialist cloud architect. For our domain, I will suggest the Artificial Intelligence Engineer course. So defiantly check out this course. LINK: Artificial Intelligence Course | AI Online Training (simplilearn.com)

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If you like to comment, share, and tell us what kind of free courses you want. We will search for free and the best courses for you. Comment if you have any questions in the comment box. Till then happy coding.

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